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financial planner 15 June financial planner

An upward trend in India's interest in artificial intelligence

IGR Consultants, as the go-to portfolio management consultancy in Delhi, employs a personalized approach in helping our client be on the right path towards their financial goals through a strategic process analyzed, guided and monitored by us. As the established financial planner in Delhi, our efforts aim to make our client's investment portfolio optimized for higher returns...

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financial planner 12 June financial planner

Facilitating a positive change in women entrepreneurship scenario

As the go-to financial advisor in Delhi, our team of experts at IGR Consultants ensures that our clients achieve their financial goals through strategic investments and financial planning. Our services being the established financial planner in Delhi, reflect integrity and transparency wherein the client's interest is foremost, including a deep analysis of their financial risk appetite...

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investment consultants 8 June financial planner

The surge in demands for oxygen plants in India during the pandemic

IGR Consultants as a trusted financial planner in Delhi, has a team of veterans from the financial field utilizing their expertise for guiding our clients in formulating strategic plans for making the most out of their investments. Our services as start-up investment consultants in Delhi, with an extended presence in other cities, enables our services to stretch into assisting start-ups with their financial planning and investment, a crucial component for the optimal operation of any start-up.

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investment consultants 5 June investment consultants

The critical nature of the growth of the MSME sector

IGR Consultants have been established as go-to investment consultants in Delhi with a team of financial experts who help you navigate the world of start-up investment and financial planning in a strategized and effective manner. As an investment advisor in Delhi, extending services to other cities, we bring forth our expertise through our service to ensure you greater financial returns and resources that keep you updated on market happenings...

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Financial Planner 25 May Financial Planner

Is It Worth Hiring a Financial Planner

Financial advisors at IGR Consultants- a start-up financial consultancy in Delhi comprises of financial organizers, are experts who prompt their customers on choices identified with abundance the board and individual accounting. Contingent upon their subject matter, monetary counsels can assist you with everything from assembling a whole retirement reserve funds plan with a timetable joined to it or just responding to an inquiry regarding complete life coverage...

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Financial Planner 25 May Financial Planner

How to Find a Financial Planner in 5 Simple Steps

IGR Consultants- the financial planners from Delhi are also the portfolio management consultancy in Delhi. A financial advisor's professional assistance can be the best instrument regarding more significant monetary choices, similar to reserve funds and retirement. Peruse on for five straightforward strides for how to track down a financial advisor and take your following...

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Financial advisor 25 May Financial Advisor

What does a financial advisor do?

IGR Consultant- a financial planner from Delhi is there to guide you on the most important topic of every home – as in how to look after your finances. A Financial Advisor evaluates the financial necessities of their customers and give them professional contributing guidance for the short and long haul. There is an assortment of regions that financial consultants can help their customers in — financial plans, reserve funds, stocks, securities, instruction costs, retirement reserves, charge guidance,..

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Financial advisor 25 May Financial Advisor

Some qualities to look for when choosing your financial advisor

Different qualities separate excellent monetary guides from the terrible and the effective from the ineffective. IGR Consultants, the financial advisors from Delhi are here to guide you, regardless of whether you need to turn into a financial advisor or essentially need to enlist to assist with your financial arranging; here are five attributes to remember that the best financial advisor...

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Financial Portfolio 23 April Financial Portfolio

How reliable are Financial Portfolio Management Services?

As individuals become more extravagant, it's regular for them to want better than expected gets back from their reserve funds. Towards this end, some decide on the portfolio of the board administrations or PMS. IGR Consultancy, the Portfolio Management Consultancy in Delhi, is there to determine your questions...

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Startup Funding Consultants in Delhi 20 April Funding Consultants

What are the best ways to find startup fundraising consultant for early stage startup?

How might you track down the correct financial backers for your organization — the reliable ones that are values-adjusted? How might you rapidly gather pledges so you can return to building your organization? In this post, I share the cycle and brain science behind raising...

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Startup Funding Consultants in Delhi 17 April Funding Consultants

Startup Funding Consultants in Delhi

IGR Consultants, the startup funding Consultants in Delhi are one of the investment advisors in Delhi. Discovering qualified new companies and short listing decks takes up 80% of the valuable season of our Investment Bankers. This way, we re-appropriate this work to the Funding Consultants. Startup Lanes approve a Funding Consultant (FC) for finding and short listing new companies that can raise assets...

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Toy Industry 13 April Toy Industry

The trajectory of the toy industry

The Indian toy industry is one of the vast growing industries with its customers rising on an everyday basis. The toy industry has seen a steep rise in its creativity, technology and manufacturing all over India. Earlier the toys were simple and plain and were made of more organic and natural materials, but as we move ahead, the toys have been made more with plastic and have started to include more machinery. The cutting edge innovation and hardware inside the new generation toys has prompted creativity...

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Financial Service Centre 19 March Financial Service Centre

IFSC at GIFT City: Setting up an International Financial Service Centre in India

In April 2020, under the International Financial Services Centers Authority Act passed by the Indian Parliament, India's government had set up the International Financial Services Centers Authority. Endorsed by the Government of India as an International Financial Services Center (IFSC) at GIFT City, the IFSC supports India's essential situation as a worldwide centre point for monetary administrations....

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Financial Advisor 10 March Financial Advisor

The Role Of A Financial Planner And Benefits Of Working With Them

A financial planner assists individuals with dealing with their assets most adequately, subsequently guaranteeing their monetary harmony. Working with a free monetary guide brings a large group of advantages. This additionally clarifies why an expanding number of people are contacting them. While you are the best individual to choose how you need to deal with...

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Financial Advisor Delhi 10 March Financial Advisor Delhi

How A Financial Advisor Can Help You In Achieving Your Goals

A financial advisor is an expert who encourages you to put together your funds and tasks and the profits of your investment funds and speculations so you can perceive how solid and steady you are for retirement. They additionally help you make choices with your monetary funds to help you arrive at your monetary objectives as effectively as could be expected...

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indian dairy 22nd Feb Investment

The Indian Dairy Landscape

The dairy industry is one of India's greatest agri-organizations and a massive supporter of the Indian economy with a 4 per cent share. A key factor has been the multiplication of private dairy ventures representing more than 60% of the country's dairy handling limit. Indian dairy industry has developed at 12 per cent during the most recent five years..

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Revenue based financing 19th Feb Financial Planner

Gold Likely to Test Higher Levels Aided By a Weakening Dollar

Gold-backed ETFs have seen major outflows in Nov 20., the first outflow in the last one year. This is also the second largest outflow ever since ETFs came into existence.

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Finance Investment 18th Feb Finance Investment

Financial Blueprints for the Aspirational “New India”

As India restores from the trammel of COVID-19 pandemic and gets back to routineness, the 2021-22 financial plan was relied upon to be high on spending across different pivotal push territories.

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Startup Investment 16th Feb Startup Investment

Brent May Trade in Higher Ranges With a Weak Dollar

Oil prices continue to stay above the US$ 50 level, and it seems to be wanting to base itself at these levels for a potential upward movement.

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Financial Planner 15th Feb Financial Planner

Revenue Based Financing

Revenue-based financing or "RBF", is a strategy for raising capital for a business from financial backers

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Finance Investment 11th Feb Finance Investment

COVID-19 and Start-up Resilience: Building an eco-system that rises to the challenge

India's startup environment has developed exceptionally over the most recent couple of years, with a practically ten times

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Portfolio Management 9th Feb Portfolio Management

How Artificial Intelligence based Startups are transforming Industries

Man-made consciousness (AI) is a field of information science that prepares the PC to take in things from its encounters

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Financial Planner 8th Feb Financial Planner

Education Infrastructure in India

India has a populace of more than 500 million in the age section of 5 to 24 years, which is surely an incredible

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