Startup Funding Consultants in Delhi

Startup Funding Consultants in Delhi

Startup Funding Consultants in Delhi

IGR Consultants, the startup funding Consultants in Delhi are one of the investment advisors in Delhi. Discovering qualified new companies and short listing decks takes up 80% of the valuable season of our Investment Bankers. This way, we re-appropriate this work to the Funding Consultants. Startup Lanes approve a Funding Consultant (FC) for finding and short listing new companies that can raise assets through us.

Who is a Funding Consultant?

Financing Consultant is a free specialist at Startup Lanes who has the essential agreement and abilities to discover qualified new businesses and associate the originators with our Investment Banking group.

Who can turn into a Funding Consultant?

Any individual who coordinates with the models underneath can turn into a Funding Consultant at Startup Lanes:

  • A graduate/post-move on from a Govt. perceived college.
  • Fluent in composed and communicated in English.
  • Understanding of development, creation, and interruption.
  • Understanding of financials.
  • Connected with organizers and has a decent degree of validity and trust.
  • Passionate about new companies.

What is the Compensation of a Funding Consultant?

IGR Consultants, the startup funding Consultants in Delhi help in one-time achievement expense on adequate startup financing alluded by him/her. This achievement expense will be a level of the achievement charge that we get from the customer indicated by the FC. Note that we will pay the benefit-sharing of FC after effectively accepting our prosperity charge from the customer alluded by the FC.

How to turn into a Funding Consultant?

We need to guarantee that the FC is equipped for interfacing with the new companies and short listing the pitch decks suitably according to our rules. Subsequently, a Funding Consultant will apply as recommended in the following answer. Upon practical assessment, we will choose the FC and convey.

How to apply for a Funding Consultant?

A Funding Consultant ought to give the accompanying:

  1. LinkedIn Profile
  2. Ten Shortlisted Pitch Decks from India based Startups.
  3. Founders should be educated that the Pitch Decks will be imparted to the Investment Banking group of Startup Lanes.
  4. Connect with our Community Manager in the wake of sending the above subtleties.
What are the Expectations of Startup Lanes from a Funding Consultant?

We anticipate the accompanying from a Funding Consultant:

  • Source the qualified pitch decks from his/her organization
  • Should convey the terms and conditions to authors
  • Should not get into raising subsidizes himself/herself
  • Should have the option to disclose to the organizers about the necessities
  • Should not take any responsibility or assurance for Startup Lanes
What are the Guidelines for short listing the Pitch Decks?

A Funding Consultant should guarantee that the accompanying models are met in a startup that is being alluded to the IB group of Startup Lanes:

  • A private restricted organization (Pvt. Ltd.) that is enlisted in India.
  • A current record in India based on the part of any bank.
  • Average income of Rs. 2,00,000 (rupees two lakhs) each month over the most recent a half year. This could be loose to Rs. 50,000 (rupees 50,000) in a couple of cases, subject to endorsement by our group.
  • A working and problematic item/administration.
  • A working site/application or both of the startup.
  • At least three individuals in the group.
  • A enrolled office in India.
  • A concrete and arranged pitch deck.
  • Revenue till date and projections of 3 to5 years.
What are the Roles and Responsibilities of a Funding Consultant?

A Funding Consultant has the accompanying Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Plays the part of our agent with no cases and assurances to the authors.
  • An FC ought to have the option to associate with organizers on an individual level.
  • An FC should meet the organizers for our benefit.
  • An FC ought to speak with the local area administrators consistently.
What are the Benefits of turning into a Funding Consultant?

A Funding Consultant of Startup Lanes appreciates the accompanying advantages:

  • Startup Lanes will give vital direction and backing to the Funding Consultants as they become part of our group.
  • An FC can refer to in their Linkedin title as: "Financing Consultant" and select; this will allow them to appreciate the believability of Startup Lanes.
  • Profit-sharing from our prosperity charge without doing any raising money action.
  • Constant updates and welcomes to our occasions.
  • A freedom to work with us later on as a piece of our Investment Banking group.

IGR Consultants, the startup funding Consultants in Delhi are ready to assist for for any financial query. You can feel free to contact us.