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At IGR Consultants, we put you first. Our mission is to provide you with customized and comprehensive financial solutions to achieve sustained growth.

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By giving us the responsibility of managing your finances, you are putting immense faith in us. Thus, at IGR Consultant LLP, we put you first. Our mission is to provide you with customized and comprehensive financial solutions to achieve sustained growth. To accomplish this mission, our team navigates through the most difficult market cycles and creates a solution that offers a lasting impact.

Our Values

  • To be fair, empathetic and responsive in serving our clients
  • To respect and reinforce our fellow employees and the power of teamwork
  • To strive relentlessly to improve what we do and how we do it
  • To always earn and be worthy of our customers’ trust

Our values coupled with our passion for what we do, empower us to excel and set new records in the wealth management sphere.

Our interests are aligned with yours and keeping that in mind, we formulate a bespoke wealth management plan. This personalized approach helps us in fulfilling our mission along with your financial goals.

High expertise and experience

High expertise and experience

Our Portfolio Management Service is tailored to cater to the investments objective of different investor classes the clients can be Individuals or Institutions entities with high net worth.



All the capital gain, performance and profit and loss statements are shared with investor on a regular basis. The investor is always aware about its holdings and market value of his investments.

Professional Management

Professional Management

The strategies designed by portfolio manager, expert in its area and has years of experience in the same field, will be as per the objective of the investor.

Continue review and rebalancing

Continue review and rebalancing

Continuous review and rebalancing of the performance keeps it aligned as per objective of the investment. Changes in the portfolio are done as and when needed.

Ease of transactions

Ease of transactions

All the paper work and administrative actions are taken care by the portfolio manager. The investor doesn’t have to involve in all these paper work. Periodic performance reports are shared by the managers to the investors.

Personalized Approach

Personalized Approach

Portfolio management services can be discretionary or non discretionary.

Our Goals

We help you achieve your financial goals through our systemized process and strategies & invest with a purpose.


Your wealth goals fall under this stage if you are looking at strategic opportunities to invest and grow your wealth at a significant pace accross asset classes. Most wealth creators are in this stage during their peak career years – 25 to 55 years of age.

Risk Analysis

Before we can plan your investments across different assets, our experts conduct a risk analysis of your profile to ensure your risk exposure matches your profile requirement.

Asset Allocation

Once our team has spent time conducting risk analysis, the next step is to consider different asset types for investment and growth based on your individual wealth goals.

Investment Solution

Our investment solutions under each of the asset categories are tailored to meet your goals rather an all-solution-fit-everyone approach.

Asset Management

We regularly track both, the market and your portfolio performance. This continuous, judicious asset management approach ensures we deliver well on our clients trust and goals.


The second stage in your wealth management journey is the preservation stage. As you get closer to your long-term goals, your wealth management strategy must evolve too. The strategy must offer higher stability and predictability, ensuring protection against inflation and market volatility, along with tax benefits. We create wealth management strategies that involve lower risks and offer calculated retures on investments by following this rigorous two-step process:

Reserch & Execution

We believe research becomes even more crucial at the preservation stage since risk appetite comes down significantly as compared to the accumulation stage. Regular execution and overseeing along with continous research ensure your portfolio is well-protected and risk mitigation is at its peak, Further, technology-based monitoring adds to our team’s execution prowess, serving as an additional tool for market environment updates and swift risk mitigation.

Investment Process

The asset investment and reallocation process we follow during the preservation stage takes into consideration your wealth goals as well as the best practices for this stage. This ensures your wealth preservation isn’t about meeting average returns but is in cloase alignment with your risk appetite and goals.


The third stage in your wealth management journey is the transmission stage. You are most likely retired at this stage or past an active career. It is when you are looking to do estate and succession planning while ensuring your wealth continous to serve you well in post-retirement years. Here’s how we help you with at this wealth management stage.

Estate & Succession Planning

Our approach of creating solutions that best match your unique goals extends to this wealth management stage. We help you device a strategy that ensures your wealth is transferred to stakeholders of your choice at an opportune time. This isn’t limited to will creation but also advisory related to setting up trusts, reorganising business interests, taxation, superannuation, and gifting. This is an equally important stage as the previous two stages in your wealth management journey since it consolidates information and knowledge for your heirs, avoids inheritance disputes in the family, and ensures your wealth grows with the right stakeholders for years to come.

Our expertise in this sector includes:
  • Drafting of Wills
  • Creation of Private Family Trusts
  • Succession planning for family-owned businesses
  • Succession planning for NRI family members
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