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Startup Investment Consultants in Delhi

IGR Consultants LLP

Offers 3 investment strategies

Startup CFO Services

Startup CFO

As your Startup Funding Consultants in Delhi, we help you in fundraising from Indian and global investors. Bag the valuation you so desire with the right planning and placement.

IGR Consultants LLP Little Champs PMS

IGR Consultants LLP Little Champs PMS

As your Startup Financial Consulting in Delhi, we are your preferred partners to help you get the right the right direction for your personal and startup goals and their growth.

Startup Chief Financial Officer - Virtual

Startup Chief Financial Officer - Virtual

As your startup investment consultants in Delhi, we not only guide you through short term cash flow management, but also steer you through a long term strategic approach.

Performance Update (as of 30th November, 2020)

1-month 6-month 1-year Since inception
Portfolio Benchmark Portfolio Benchmark Portfolio Benchmark Portfolio Benchmark
Consistent Compounders 12% 11.4% 32.7% 36.2% 25.8% 8.7% 25.9% 10.5%
Consistent Compounders Offshore Fund 10% 11.7% 31.7% 39.6% 19.8% 5.7% 19.3% 6.6%
Little Champs 17.3% 13.4% 50.2% 55.7% 47.3% 25.8% 42.2% 28.2%
Kings of Capital 21.2% 23.9% 23.1% 33.9%

Consistent Compounders: Benchmark for CCP is Nifty Total Return Index (TRI). Inception date is Dec 1, 2018
CCP Offshore is a fund advised by Marcellus; all returns are in US$; benchmark is Nifty TRI (US$); inception date is May 17,2019
LCP: Benchmark for LCP is BSE Small-cap TRI. Inception date is Aug 29, 2019
KCP: Benchmark for KCP is Bank Nifty TRI. Inception date is Jul 28, 2020
All returns are based on TWRR/XIRR and are net of fees and expenses; returns for periods greater than a year are annualised and other time periods are absolute

2000 +


1200 +


Growing Profit
98 %

Growing Profit YOY*

100 +


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