An upward trend in India's interest in artificial intelligence

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As the world shifts around to accommodate the quickly advancing technologies that steadily become the mainstream, it becomes debatable to establish the true definition of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Interestingly, solutions with deep roots in AI, such as voice assistants and live translations, might be reduced to mere computation. They are often considered 'pedestrian' and not 'real AI' since the problems which they were engineered for have been solved. AI utilizes various overlapping disciplines such as statistics, computer science, mathematics and more to ultimately create models, programs and tools, making it an encompassing concept. Overall, the premise of AI is deeply rooted in developing computing systems that simulate human intelligence for performing tasks that otherwise would require the presence and manual management of a human.

AI technologies are being used by larger corporations such as Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and Facebook. They leverage machine learning, language processing, and more to provide an enhanced experience to their customers. Technologies like Google lens, Alexa, Siri and Google assistance are the products of these efforts employing AI technologies and developed systems, now accessible to their base of consumers. The application of AI can be observed in various domains and industries, whether it be hospitals that use it for purposes such as disease diagnosis to effectively undertake more challenging problems. Facial recognition is one technique that finds its deep relevance in law enforcement services; video analytics is another technique useful in the real estate and maritime sectors.

The Indian startup ecosystem is brimming with AI research and startups, which is not surprising considering the various applications of AI that include the following:
  • Initially, the difficulties for female entrepreneurs in accessing fundings for their endeavours were quite great. While the scenario has not changed completely for women, we can still witness the motivation amongst the stakeholders to demolish these barriers. Female-oriented funds have been set up by investors, and a boost in the numbers of women present in VC & PE firms is being noticed.
  • Challenges associated with supply chain management related to the regulation of suppliers and mismatch between demand and production.
  • Breaking links in the supply chain can be identified or pinpointed by leveraging machine learning and intelligent monitors wherein AI programs can be utilized to scale supply chains to respond to changes in real-time or predicted demands.
  • Another application of AI is the prediction and prevention of maintenance requests in the IT industry using algorithms.
  • AI can enhance the experience associated with online retail with the analytical exploration of customer graphs and predictive algorithms for driving sales through customer engagement.
Some of the prominent startups in the market that are leveraging AI to deliver a great consumer experience are:
  • Leverage Edu provides educational mentoring for the process of college admissions.
  • Niramai utilizes a technology called 'Thermalytix' for the detection of early signs of cancer.
  • Intello Labs provides commodity testing, grading, image detection and more in the agricultural industry.

However, with the widespread impact of Artificial Intelligence in organizations and the implementation of automation, there has been some distress regarding potential widespread unemployment in the future. Despite these concerns, the significant impact of AI in boosting productivity in organizations cannot be sidelined, especially when AI will open doors to a new set of opportunities while modulating the requirements of certain jobs.


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